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Are You Using LTFS?

Posted by Emily Cooper on 5/4/2015

LTFS from Tape ServicesLTO tape has long been a source of reliable and safe long-term data storage, but have you thought about a system like LTFS? Otherwise known as Linear Tape File System, LFTS is a file system specification that allows LTO-5 and LTO-6 data to be indexed, improving the speed and accessibility of the stored data. Furthermore, LTFS can be used on most any operating system with a simple software download in order to for your operating system to recognize and carry-outs its functionality.

One aspect that makes for the rapid data access with LTFS, is its segmentation into two parts called partitions. One partition holds the metadata index, serving as a directory to allow the tape drive to search for specific files and data. The second partition holds the actual files and stored data. These partitions make rapid data access possible from any location or operating system, increasing its mobility and accessibility. This is good news for businesses looking for data sharing between affiliates or partners, making for greater business efficiency and application.

LTFS allows users to search and organize tape data similarly to a hard disk or USB flash drive. Its drag and drop functionality makes it easy to transfer files from your server to the LTO tape, and see the complete list of saved files with your standard operating system directory. Since LTO has storage capabilities in the terabyte range, LTFS is best suited for large data storage, and files that are unlikely to change. The cost savings and reliability of tape storage can be combined with the user-friendly capabilities of disk through LTFS, and are important factors to consider for your data storage and retrieval needs.

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