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Posted by Emily Cooper on 4/24/2015

Evaluated tape'Tis the season for cleaning and sprucing, which shouldn't stop at just around the house or yard. Now is the perfect time to have Tape Services Labs help spring clean your Betacam, Digital Betacam, HDCAM and HDCAM SR  tape collection with the gold standard evaluated tape services in the industry. Here's a look into the TSI Labs, and what makes this process unlike any other.

Before your tape even begins the evaluation process, every box received is micro-vacuumed both inside and out, to assure no particulate matter enters the clean room or damages your tape. Once each box is thoroughly vacuumed, tapes are removed from their boxes and cases, de-labeled, and removed of all external markings. This sets the stage for the tape evaluation process, and provides a clean slate to for each tape involved.

After a thorough polishing with an anti-static solution, each tape undergoes erasing and evaluating in the RTI 4100 evaluation system. This system incorporates award-winning technology to detect damage, evaluate tape, and deliver a complete diagnostic report.

Each "Passed" evaluated tape is then fitted with new labels and J-cards, and reunited with their appropriate original cases. The tapes are then packaged, sealed, and delivered to its pre-designated location. Each tape is now good or better than new, and ready to serve your organization for more years to come.

For more information about evaluated tape, contact Tape Services Inc at 1-800-370-TAPE.
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