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Posted by on 11/23/2016

Are You Using LTFS?

Posted by Emily Cooper on 5/4/2015
LTO tape has long been a source of reliable and safe long-term data storage, but have you thought about a system like LTFS? Otherwise known as Linear Tape File System, LFTS is a file system specification that allows LTO-5 and LTO-6 data to be indexed, improving the speed and accessibility of the stored data. Furthermore, LTFS can be used on most any operating system with a simple software download in order to for your operating system to recognize and carry-outs its functionality.


Posted by Emily Cooper on 4/24/2015
'Tis the season for cleaning and sprucing, which shouldn't stop at just around the house or yard. Now is the perfect time to have Tape Services Labs help spring clean your Betacam, Digital Betacam, HDCAM and HDCAM SR tape collection with the gold standard evaluated tape services in the industry. Here's a look into the TSI Labs, and what makes this process unlike any other.

Is LTO-6 the Most Affordable Data Storage Platform?

Posted by Emily Cooper on 3/31/2015
According to the LTO Program it is. This LTO collaboration between HP, IBM, and Quatum recently released that the price of LTO-6 has fallen below a penny per gigabyte (GB), translating into roughly $8 per terabyte (TB) of data storage. Not only is this platform cost effective, but it is also one of the most reliable sources for long-term data storage, especially for those organizations with high volume data inventories.

What to Expect with LTO 7

Posted by Administrator on 12/16/2014
The future of linear tape is soon upon us! The release of the latest in linear tape open technology is anticipated within the next few months with the LTO 7. Higher storage capacity and faster transfer rates are to be expected, allowing users to store significantly more data in a smaller amount of space than previous LTO generations are capable of.

 TITLE  Are You Using LTFS?  MAKE YOUR OLD TAPE NEW AGAIN  Is LTO-6 the Most Affordable Data Storage Platform?  What to Expect with LTO 7

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