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Fujifilm’s Dternity LTFS Archive Appliance: What it Means for the Future of Tape

Posted by on 4/21/2014

Fujifilm, the world's leading manufacturer of data storage media,  recently announced the release of Dternity, their new "Deep Data Storage" solution. Comprised of 3 main components including:

 Dternity LTO Archive Media,

 Dternity NAS

Dternity Cloud

all in one simple solution.  IT professionals responsible for massive amounts of digital data, such as broadcast, government, legal and healthcare, Dternity offers a robust and scalable archiving system. Utilizing cost-effective, reliable tape and advanced LTFS archiving technology, Dternity's on-line cloud and on-site NAS content protection allows for easy retrieval even with complex data streams.


Dternity’s archive media incorporates NANOCUBIC  technology and the use of barium ferrite, or BaFe, particles.  These combined technologies offer superior performance and longer archive life than its more conventional metal particle (MP) counterpart. Every Dternity archive appliance has an on-site NAS device for easy and cost-effective scalability, online access to (and retrieval of) important data, and superior data protection. This combined with linear tape file system (LTFS) technology creates a viable and economical answer to archive management, as it integrates both disk and tape. When used together, consumers can leverage both high performance and significant savings through this tape-and-disk solution. Additionally, Dternity offers online cloud storage for added archive protection.

Because of expanding capabilities and the little energy required for successful operation, tape has seen a significant comeback in the world of media and archiving. Whereas disk was dominant for quite some time, the rising consensus is that implementation of technologies which use disk and tape together is a far superior solution to using disk alone. Fujifilm’s Dternity archive appliance is a clear exemplification of the benefits associated with reemerging tape technology, and we’re excited to see more integrated archiving solutions arise!

Dternity is available immediately and is causing a buzz at the current NAB 2014 in Las Vegas.

                                    d:ternity - your data from today for eternity

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