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Panasonic RPSDB16GB1K SDHC Prof Series UHS-1 16GB


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Manufacturer: Panasonic
Length: 16 GB

An SDHC Card for the Professional

This 16GB Ultra High Speed (UHS-1) SDHC Memory card is a full Class 10 with a transfer rate of 90MBs and offload speed of 3 minutes with a singular clip It is faster, smarter and more robust than current SDHC cards and has been fully optimized for professional use, notably with Panasonic s broad AVCCAM line of affordable HD camcorders and recorders. To achieve the SBD Series UHS-1 media s high-speed transfer rate, a user must have a computer embedded with USB 3.0 technology and be equipped with a Panasonic UHS-1 USB adapter or an SDHC card slot that supports the UHS-1 s chip.

This 16GB UHS card also incorporates a powerful Super Intelligent Controller System (SICS) that has three primary functions. The first is to extend the archive shelf life of the card and its respective recordings, second to provide power failure protection, and third, to control the data writing to the card so that the entire card is used fully over its lifetime.

10 times Archival Life
SICS automatically refreshes data because repeated playback of the same data without refreshing can introduce errors. This refreshing functionality optimizes data playback performance and has the effect of boosting archival life by a factor of 10.

Power Failure Protection
In the event of a power failure, SICS saves original data back to the card so there is no corruption or loss of material. If a power failure occurs, not only can the current clip being recorded become damaged, but data can be corrupted in other areas as well. With the SICS feature, it is like the power failure never occurred. This has been tested and certified by TV Rheinland, a leading Product Certification provider, for up to 1000 times.

Smart Data Writing
SICS also equalizes the rewrite areas on the card so that data writing begins at the point where the previous recording ended, even on a reformatted card. This ensures that a card is totally used in one full rewrite cycle, which minimizes to the greatest extent possible the depletion of flash memory s finite program-erase capacities.

Ultra Reliable
In addition to SICS protecting the integrity of the cards, another valuable feature is Proof 5 durability encompassing resistance to water, shock, magnetization, X-rays and temperature extremes. The card is operable under severe temperature conditions from -13F to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. It is protected from x-rays at baggage inspections in airports and can withstand being run over by a 1.5-ton car. It comes with a one-year professional warranty.

Other valuable features exclusive to the SDB series include QR Code Tracking for archival location tracking and management of content, and free downloadable AVCCAM File Recovery Software, compatible with Windows 7, XP and Mac.

Panasonic will also offer free Card Checker software that assesses professional UHS-1 media for remaining card life. The Card Checker software is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Mac, and requires operation with a computer embedded with USB 3.0 technology or equipped with a Panasonic UHS-1 USB adapter. In addition, there is a one year warranty being offered covering Professional use of the card

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