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Sony Rewards

Earn reward dollars for the purchase of the following new Sony Professional products:

Introducing Portable Storage

Sony introduces a new lineup of Portable Storage Hard Disk and Solid State Drives for the Professional User.
  • Reinforced protective case reduces the chance of damage for the safe transport and storage of content.
  • Engineered with a heavy silicon cover for professional shock-resistant protection.
Introducing SxS-1® Two-Pack

Sony introduces a new package configuration for the popular SxS-1 memory cards.
  • Available in 32GB and 64GB card capacities
  • The SxS-1 cards have a read transfer speed of approximately 1.2Gbps.
SxS 2-pack Otical Discs - Introducing Optical Disc Archive Cartridges

Sony introduces a new multi disc cartridge with models varying from 300GB to 1.5TB.
  • The cartridge contains 12 discs with file format UDF (Universal Disc Format). Each cartridge allows random access to files and high speed data retrieval.
  • High Reliability & Durability optimized for Near-Line and Long Term Storage.
  • Optical disc technology that is extremely robust with a media archival life estimated at 50 years.*
    *Based on Sony internal acceleration testing
  • Simple Low Total Cost of Ownership. The cartridge goes into an Optical Disc Archive System that does not require frequent data migration.
  • Convenient, Efficient Asset Management.
Sony's New Triple Layer Pro Disc - The Gold Standard
  • A new higher capacity re-recordable XDCAM® disc for near or long term content storage.
  • Works with Sony PDW-U2 Pro Disc drive or XDSPD2000 XDCAM Station.
  • Holds an impressive 100GB of data in a format established worldwide.
  • Call your authorized Sony Pro Media representative today for more detail.
Earn Rewarding Recording Dollars for Sony PDWU1 or PDWU2 XDCAM Professional Disc Drive
  • Sony U1 and U2 drives are the perfect addition to your XDCAM workflow.
  • Ideal for backing up to durable XDCAM Professional Discs with a 50 year archive shelf life. *
    *Estimated by acceleration testing using actual drives.
  • PDWU2 drive accepts all 4 XDCAM disc capacities. PDWU1 accepts 23GB And 50GB discs.
  • Now available through your Authorized Sony Professional Media Dealer.
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