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The Buzz on Thunderbolt Technology

Posted by Rob McIntosh on 7/27/2016 to General

Over the past few years, technology has seen a major gravitation towards widespread use of Thunderbolt technology. Thunderbolt is an I/O innovation designed by Intel that radically increases transfer performance speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. This technology is specifically crafted to work with modern and slim designs, and it maintains an unbeatable level of performance, even on the thinnest of laptops and lightest devices. Thunderbolt allows you to store and effortlessly access your most essential videos, files, photos, music, et cetera, all in a surprisingly small compact drive. Next to Thunderbolt, USB 3.0’s capacity for transfer speeds of 5 Gb/s seems trivial in comparison. Check out the Tape Services bit converter for better understanding of speeds in terms of data terminology.

HD MEDIA CREATION has a need for speed!

Recording media by Tape Services Inc4K is here, 8K is on its way, and the need for real-time processing is at an all-time high. In fact, it's almost expected. Groundbreaking HD technology has pushed the limits of bandwidth and existing protocols, reducing editors’ abilities through technological bottlenecks. Intel's Thunderbolt technology is driving the HD world to the next step in speed and offers a bi-directional port, allowing for 10 Gb/s in both directions simultaneously. While USB 3.0 is more than 10 times as fast as basic USB 2.0, Thunderbolt is twice as fast as 3.0 technology. Imagine a full length HD movie sent through a Thunderbolt connection in less than 30 seconds! Most of us can appreciate these speeds, seeing as we understand how time-consuming and tedious file transfer can be when moving or copying photos and videos from recording media to computer via SDHC card.

USB 2.0 and 3.0 are mutually compatible with one another; however, you won’t duplicate processing speeds with a 3.0 device on a 2.0 port. Since the development of Thunderbolt devices over 2 years ago, many systems are now becoming compatible with the technology, and the technology has dual-protocol support with DisplayPort devices and PCI Express.

At Tape Services, Inc., many of our current external drives employ Thunderbolt technology because of its incredible transfer speed capabilities, secure backup, and ease of use. Because of its daisy chaining abilities and its use of the same connector as the Mini DisplayPort (MDP), Thunderbolt is already highly compatible with many devices, and we only expect its compatibility to become progressively widespread. To learn more about the features and functionality of Thunderbolt, contact us and allow our professionals to further enlighten you.

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