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What to Expect with LTO 7

Posted by Rob McIntosh on 12/16/2014

LTO 7 from Tape ServicesThe future of linear tape is soon upon us! The release of the latest in linear tape open technology is anticipated within the next few months with the LTO 7. Higher storage capacity and faster transfer rates are to be expected, allowing users to store significantly more data in a smaller amount of space than previous LTO generations are capable of.

LTO tape has long been a source of reliable and safe long-term data storage since its inception, making it a fierce competitor amongst the modern and upcoming digital alternatives such as cloud and disk storage. Disk storage can leave data open to data compromisation from malware threats on all computers linked within a business, resulting in company-wide data damage. LTO tape, which is stored offline, offers better prevention and protection against these threats. The LTO 7 raises the stakes for backup tape with an anticipated uncompressed storage capacity of 6.4 terabytes (TB), double the current amount of 3.2 TB capacity of the LTO 6. Compressed storage amounts will be able to reach levels of 16 TB, more than double that of the 6.25TB max of LTO 6.

If only the release of the LTO 7 was as fast as its transfer rates. Not only will users be able to safely store far more data in a smaller amount of space, but at much higher speeds as well. A rate of 315 MB/sec will top the current 160 MB/sec of the LTO 6. The combination of higher speeds and greater storage capacities will make the LTO 7 a time, cost, and lifesaver for long-term data storage.

The buck doesn't stop there either, with LTO generations 8, 9, and 10 already in the works. Transfer rates are planned to be at least 50 percent greater with each new generation, as well as a further increased storage capacity. No release date for these generations have been disclosed yet, but are already paving the way for the future stabilization of LTO tape in the competitive data storage world.

For more information about LTO data storage, call Tape Services Inc. anytime at 1-800-370-TAPE.

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